Regula Show

Regular show Movie


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The movie starts off with a war happing in space, in the future were Rigby and Mordecai are enemies, Rigby as the good guy and Mordecai as the bad guy. And the reason this war started in the first place was because of Rigby’s jackassery. So he goes back to the past to prevent this from ever happing. but because he got shot and is dying he goes to are present time to relay the message to Rigby and crew to prevent the terrible future from happing.


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Morden Mordecai and Rigby try to stop their past selfs from starting the war. but it didn’t go as they planned because, evil Mordecai and some other guy who Rigby pissed off wanted to prevent them from changing the future.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 06.43.02

As always they end up winning with present and past Rigby fixing the crap that they did to the people started off the war, everyone is happy

The Movie link: Regular show the Movie


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