Another thing we learnt in Toonboom was Overlay, Line lay, Colour Lay and underlay. All of this these are used to make the animation process more controlled. For example:-

  • Underlay Is used for rough animation/animatic. (Vector).
  • Line lay is used for clean and crisp line work. (Vector).
  • Colour lay is used to as its name implied colour in the line art. (Bitmap).
  • Overlay am not really sure on what that id for. (Bitmap).

So in class we ended up using the lay things to practices. I used the lay thing to animate a drop of water. I started off using  the underlay to animate the rough for the water dropping. I thin used the line lay to draw the clean line using the pen. Lastly, I used the colour lay to colour in the line art.

Motion: Is something that can movie but also controlled.

Locomotion: Is something that can move but can not be controlled.

Using Toonboom’s Underlay, Linelay, Colourlay and Overlay was an annoyance, my reason why is becasue I could never get rid of the rouge animation even doe I tried to.



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