Master Studies: J.C leyendecker

Painting reference



I used acrylic paint to make this, I first drew a rough sketch and then painted over it. I don’t really like this. I think it’s the worst one out of them. I found painting it really hard because I suck at colouring.


Pencil Sketch

I used a Graphic 12 6B to 4B to create this I can’t really remember what pencil I used. While working on this, I noticed how terrible I am at drawing on paper. I should probably work on that.



I used a blending brush and a default standard brush to make this. making this took me the entire week to make. Between the three this is the on I like the must. The must difficult thing paint was the hair, but somehow some way I found a way to do this.  The reason this came out lighter was because of my print by the time I noticed it I had already finished it. Doing this really helped me with colouring and I learnt a lot from this.


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