Feedback on two 3D animation

I think the timing of the steps for the stylized walk is quite good, however all of the steps look the same. Perhaps adding some variation in some of the steps would improve it. There is one thing that I think might be improved in regards to timing and that is the timing between taking each step. It seems that the idea is to have the robot be limping and I think that having a pause between the robot finishing one step and starting to take another would make the animation convey that idea better. Another thing that I think could be improved is the motion of the robot’s main body. It’s stance does shift convincingly when it shifts it’s weight onto it’s right leg, however when it raises the leg to take a step forward the body doesn’t rotate or rise to accommodate the movement as it would.

For the ball and tail animation I think you have done quite a good job of showing anticipation before the jump. I do however think that the tail looks a bit stiff, for example when the ball first jumps the tail doesn’t really form a proper arc and the tip doesn’t drag on the way down between frames 6 and 12 as it should. I also think it would benefit from adding some rotation to the ball, particularly when it jumps from rock to rock. I think this would help make the follow through on the tail look better. Adding some squash and stretch to the ball would also improve the animation.


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