3D feedback

Ball obstacle coerce- it’s hard to tell what’s going on so a closer camorra angel would be nice, the movement of the ball is smooth but some parts need to be sped up, nothing starts be ball rolling might be better off is you just start with a moving object rather than have it start static, during the mid-air jump less quash and stretch just have it as a solid object, the ball needs to be more solid it feels a lot like a ball of jelly at the moment or if you us less key frames you could speed it up.

Pendulum- end swing needs to be more violent it just flops, the beginning is done really well could probably do with being a bit quicker, the flip that the disk dose needs to be more fluid it feels a bit clunks at the moment, the disk dose not turn in a perfect circle it’s all over the place try to balance it out

This Is feed back from dan


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