SketchBook and Photoshop work

  1. Some of these are photos of my sketchbook.


  • When I was thinking of a design for one of my character, I was not sure, on art style. So I came up with a couple of male characters all drawn with art styles.


  • When I was done coming up with my male, I did one for the female character. I enjoying coming up with most of female characters, that I wished I could have added them my chase .


  • In this I chose the two characters that I thought would be easy enough for my group to animate. I chose these two because they’re both made out of shapes.

2.This are my digital drawing


  • This is one of the characters I  wanted to add to the chase, but I decided against it. The reason why, was because one  of the male character I chose had a simpler design than her , and I thought they would not mesh well.


  • This is another female character that I really liked, but I found it really difficult trying to keep her in model, trying to keep her hair consistent with every drawing was difficult for me.


This is the first character I made, I originally wanted the character design to be a bully. But then I change the design because I found it difficult to draw the characters round body.


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