Final 3D group animation

I took over 3D group work because no one on why team did. Dominic didn’t  because he couldn’t animate in maya. And Dan, I think was busy.

This is nothing much, I think this may be the most simplified animation we have made.

I made a plan on how I could distribute the animation work to the others. The plan was I animate one character dan animates the second character. And Dominic animates the arm wrestle.

I started it off by animating the one character, Once I finished I gave it to Dominic to animate, I thought Dominic wouldn’t finish the animation by Wednesday but he did.

Once Dominic gave the animation to dan it was his turn to animated the other character, but with this came problems, Because I told dan to animate the body I found it really annoying that he was trying to animate the fingers, facial expressions and what not.

So I told him to ignore it and work on the body, that isn’t important, But Dan being Dan he wouldn’t do the work he was given to unless  he fixed a tiny issue.  At this point, I just ignored him and worked on the colouring of our other group work.

Later on, Dan calls me asking me to help with a problem. I see the problem, I told him “I thought I told you to  leave the fingers till later”. he told me that He could not spline the character because it would affect the hand. I was really confused I told him  how would spline the in between affect the arm, he just said it did.

So I asked Dominic to give us another copy and he did. We finally got the problem that caused all of this, and the problem was the character’s hand was passing through the others hand and all he needed to do was just to push it back, and that was it. He broke the model arm just to that.

Later on, I sat next to him to help him animate the character, we do so until we reached the arm problem (It’s basically use trying to fix an animation error) we tried fixing it but we got nowhere. The first problem with it was the arm was going through the table, the second problem was that the hand started twisting and much more shit like that, up until teacher dan could leave it at a passable level or hide it.

As we were tampering with it, it started jumped at the last frames. So dan said why don’t we try to hide it, He tries to But fails at it because to me it a noticeable mistake.

He then leaves it at a camera angle and we watch it and I could see the jumps from point a to point be , but he said  it looked okay at this point I gave up, then told hem to give me the file and he left.

This would be dan version, Dan told me that that the reason the characters are floating is because he swapped between FK and IK. He also told me that he changed dominic’s hand animation because, reasons. The thing is when I was working on the animation I did edit dominic hands, but I only did it to correct some few mistakes I saw.

How do i fill about this short film annoyed plus pissed


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