Final Plea


This is Dan plea animation. From I can remember Dan wanted it to just be him and I working on the animation.  He wanted me to do the inbetweens while he does the rest, I can remember telling to include dominic to it, but he ended up say something like, I don’t want him to touch my work, my response was why, he spalted up nonsense like, I don’t like him. When dan said this I was really annoyed with him because he was already judging dominic without even working with, I told him You haven’t even giving this guy a chance and already you’re sweeping him under the roug.

So once dan gave me his plea to work on, I did my part of the job, which is inbetweening it. Once I was done with that I sent a copy to Dominic, I told him to colour it and he did. And that was that. After that Dan then coloured the background and that was it.

I can’t really remember but I think we used the underlay and overlay things.

How do i fill about this short film annoyed


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