Final Reaction

This is dominic’s reaction, It was the first animation we completed in our group.

I took over as lead animator on Dominic’s animation because I made a rough animatic of his storyboard. He it would be okay so I started working on his animation.


As the lead animator I decided to split the animation into individual files. The reason for this was so that if I import all the files I  could use toon boom version of tweening on them. But before that happens I had to give Dominic and Dan the animation files to do the in between.

I gave Dominic a couple of files to in between  he does so but, the in betweens being of model or drawn weirdly.

Once that was over I then gave the work the rest to dan to do. Dan ended up not completing because he spent most of his time either talking or drawing his hide dick fan art.(He had a inter day to do so but he just did a percentage and that was it)

So due to that I did the in betweens myself, Because I felt bad for doing Dans work I gave him some more in betweens to do. but at last he didn’t do it. So I gave up.

After that, I add all the animation together and coloured them, and that was that.

How do i fill about this short film annoyed.


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