Rigging Hands

In this I learned to make a rigged hand. It started with me drawing the arm the hand and the fingers in different layers, then called everything. This was all done in vector.


Once I was done with all of that, I then put all drawn layers into pegs and made it 3D.


Once that was done I then used the 3D controls and change the pivit ponts to were its more likly to bend. The 3D tools I used was the rotahion tool


Once that was done I then went to the node view and arrange the Nods (Not sure what you call them). Once that was done I then had to parent all the fingers to the lower hand and then parent the lower hand to the arm.


Once that was done all that was left was using the rigging to connet the arm to the hand. This way it makes it more as one, (For lack of a better word).




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