Rigging a Character

I drew a rough sketch of my character.


I then drew  the body parts in different layers.


I then put the drawing layers into its own folders. ( I forgot my file at home so i used dans)


I chose the file I want to import but I had to change the settings from whatever to composing .

I then imported .PSD file, clicked on Create layer. Then click Convert to toon boom vector drawing. Then click on straight and separate layers and straight.


Once i imported psd  it I then pegged the layers.


Then I open the node view and arranged the node view bars, and made a hierarchy out of it. I then created a Master peg is what holds all the pegs, underneath are two other pegs. The one to the left holds everything from the head to the torso. While the one two the right is holds everything from hips to the legs.


For the hip hierarchy the feets were connected to the lower legs, the lower legs were connected to the upper legs and the upper legs were connected to the hips.


For the torso hierarchy the hands were connected to the arms, which was then connected to the torso. The hoody neck and head were connected to the torso.

It then came time for rigging. The tools I used to reg with was a upside down cross with a circle on it.


Once I started rigging the body I used two different types of rigging. One was the av

f hair.PNG


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