Time for a Squid

The first thing we did in the lesson was creating assets for the squid character. First the head shape, then the frills, the eyes and pupil, and then the tentacle. I then Peg all of the Layers.


The next thing I did was rigs the body frills and tentacles. the four short tentacles were rigged from top to bottom with multiple joint. While the two long tentacles were rigged differently, by clicking and dragging the rig bone. I did the same thing with the head.


Once that was all done, I then put the twisting pivot in the correct places, for all the symbol. Once that was the next thing was to go to the node view and make peg/symbol hierarchy.

All the tentacles pegs connect to a Kinematic OutPut (acts like a hip of sorts ) which is then connects to the body peg. The fill Peg connects to the Body peg, it then connects to the master peg which holds both the body peg and the eye and pupil peg.



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