What we discussed and my thoughts.

I was told by my teammates to change up the main characters look, from a demon child to a troll child.

The reason why was because it may offend the religious and that because his the devil character that there is no good entity that may rival him.

Going back to the trolls thing, one of my teammates said that because of  trolls harassing people online that making it a troll would be understandably or be a representation on how it is online.

At first I was on board with it but as i heard other people’s ideas and how out there its was I i second guessed the idea of changing him in to a troll.

The Idea

My original Idea for my film was about a demon child spurn cursing mayhem from terrible things from diseases to little annoyances.

Then my revamped idea was the same but with a troll instead of a demon.

I decided to change it back to the devil child idea but with something different. I decided to add another character, this one being an angel or a demon killer chasing the kid wherever he goes.

Other stuff and ideas

When I first thought of the Idea I want it to be really dark but as I had the discussion

with my classmates I changed it to a slapstick comedy show.

  •  Current state of my film is none existent. The only thing I have are sketches of the troll character.


happy tree friends



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