Goro Fujita: Master Studies Two


My Process


I started of with the sketch of the painting,


Added the basic colors


Once that was done it was know to to blend them in. For me this was bye far the must difficult bit to do that’s because of the texture Goro put on it.  it really threw me for a loop. It was at this stage that I was stuck at the must. Plus at this stage I didn’t know how he blurred the background and I drew it in one layer while goro uses multiple layers.


As i was nerlly done with this that’s when I found out that perspective in the zebra line and the pave meant were of by a bit so I corrected it by using the lasso tool.


In this I was just touching up some places, like adding a water color cavers texture over it to resemble the original, adding the gumball on the floor and painting in the lock bit in the gumball machine.


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