Jump Fail and Twist

_Jump Fail

A stepped jump fail it a bit fast but I plan to fix it later.

In this lesson we were tasked create a jumping sequence and this is it. When working on this one problem that I had was show how heavily he drops to the floor, to me he kind of looks like he’s sliding down to the point of contact instead of fall/Jump falling there. when looking at my storyboard thingy I could see that I made the same problem.

Another problem I had was making him jumping up to look right. I tried to space out the  frames of  the jumping sequence but that didn’t look right it looked a bit clunky.



I was told that there may be some issues with it, and the issues is the curve in the jump. Its really sharp in the jump so to make it more smoother I would have to make it more rounded.

_Jump with a twist

Dan’s class.

I’m not sure but I think this lesson had something to do with moana god thingy. I think gist of the lesson was to make a less robust character flow better. I think we were told to make the character end in a similar pose that he started on, one thing I do know is that I was told to improve on it.


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