Viking ship

The goal for this was to make it rain  on a viking ship.

I open up  the node view and in it there are two drawing nodes that aren’t connected to the rest of the nodes. And those two are the rainfall and rain drop nodes.


I open the node library I then went to the sub menu particles then drag and drop the basic gravity node to the node view.capture4

I copied the rain drop node, I then opened up the basic gravity node and post the rain fall  inside the it.

The next thing was to disconnect the empty drawing node from the 3D region and then connect the rain fall to it.

Once that is done click on the layer properties and changed the shape TYPE to a box and then leave the Basic Gravity and connect it to the left of the composite node.

I then went back to the Basic Gravity and clicked on 3D-Region. I then clicked on the 3 lines with a arrow facing down button, I then clicked on view and then control.


A blue box appears rounding the basic gravity effect, I then resized it to fit ends of the left and right sides of the camera.

The next task was to change the shape type of the 3D Region 2 to a box shape.

I then clicked on the sprite Emitter then click on the render tab and change the render strategy to use particles type.


I then changed the cycling thingy to normal cycle, the next thing was to change the axis to align to  negative Y.

Then go to the generation tab and change the trigger to 5 and the number of particle to 80 and the probability of generating and particles to 80. I then clicked the box underneath it.

I then went to the rendering tab and changed the size over age to 0.4.

I then went to the gravity node and ticked on the apply gravity tick box, and changed the y direction to -5.

Click on sink node and press then click on view then control once that is done create a peg and connect it to  its 3d region and then push the blue box thingy underneath the stage. then go back to sink and click on the invert tick box.capture6

Create a copy and paste the basic gravity, push one forward and the other back to create perspective.

Change foreground Sprite either size over age to 0.3 and change background Sprite either size over age to 0.3.

For the rain drop I basically did the same thing as I did with the rain fall but instead of using the basic gravity I used the Basic particle thingy.

So I coped the rain fall and pasted it in the basic partials then connected it to the sprite emitter, then clicked on view control and expanded the box.

I then clicked on the render tab  and changed the cycling to normal cycle.

Generation tab change the number of particle to 20 and the one below to 50.

I then got the kill node from the node library, and connected it to the particle visualizer, and in ti I told it to kill anything older than 15.

And once that was done I then made multiple copies to show perspective.

at first i kind of found it confusing to get my head around all of it, I’m not sure if i have or know everything down to a tea but I thing I know the basic.


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