Narrative animation plain

  • Draw or edit backgrounds for the animation.
  • Start roughing out the animation.
  • Get audio samples like bits of music, background sounds and bodily nose affects.
  • Try and pinpoint the timing.

For the background  art I plan to make rough painty background art as I’m working on the scene. Once I’m done with the animation or I’m close to finishing the animation then I would Finnish the paint.

For the animation I am going to break the toonboom files the same way my storyboard is. For every 9 panels of storyboard is its own file (if that makes sense). I’m not really sure if this is going each up to 3 min so to combat that I would add more movement to the given characters.

I’m not really sure about this one the sounds that the character makes are more like breathing, a quick and sharp explosion nosies, struggling to hold in breath.

I think the timing would work best if there was audio in it plus it would increase the time as well.


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