Malcolm and Moom rig


At first, it was difficult to use because of the multiple rig NURBS curves It’s was always tricking to animating him, I would always get confused between which NURBS curve did what due to that specific body part have more than one of them. When it came to animating For e.g the legs I would different NURBS curves to accomplish the same action. It didn’t happen a lot but it was very irritating and annoying when trying to fix it. Another problem was some NURBS curves not working, this is probably due to IK and FK.

But there is a way to make Malcolm easy to use and that is due to the Adam picker, the Adam picker makes Malcolm way easier to use most things are easy to control. So basically the Adam picker is everything you need in one which is a good thing. But one thing is that it’s very confusing to setup.

Other than the Adam picker I don’t really know what hiding things lie in his rigs


The model is easy to animate to unlike Malcolm if you make a mistake like animating the legs in IK instead of FK (Sorry if I get it wrong). So if you make a mistake you can easily change it without getting confused over

At first glance, it doses not have any nodes around it but if you click on the L or R NURBS you can open up all the NURBS.


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