The Zorn palette

Scout pilgim

I decided to redo the entire Zorn palette work, the old one was a bit wrought around the edges and that’s why I decided to redo it. Another reason why I need to redo this was because the last ones background was really shitty.

The shirts rankles was a bit difficult form me to recreate that is why isn’t all that great.

The Zorn plate was kind annoying to use that’s because of the electric blue rim light and the dude to the right shirt. For the life of me I couldn’t recreate the color, and because of that it did fill right.

For the last one I want in the mode to complete it


I started of by drawing the characters, Some of the proportion are a bit of but I tried my best to get it right.


I colored in the sketch making a silhouettes which is separated by color


So with that I could select a plains and add the details in.


I decided to put in more effort to the background but as you can teal by metal railings but the sky behind it is lacking in details.


I then added a Gaussian to the background.


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