Blog Review

What you are missing-

Seems like you’ve got pretty much everything, you have all the body mechanics stuff, Posing story boards and video reference. I would say to maybe go over your old stuff and see if you can further improve upon things like your stylised walk and jump once you are finished with your current stuff. Because I feel that you can improve upon it with what you’ve learnt so far. And maybe do some more of the posing stuff too maybe with a different rig.

Oh I think you are missing the posing exercise in which you start with the hands and base it off a scene from a movie. (the thing dan set us a while ago in the Games room).

To talk about your recent blocking 2 animation I feel as if the wrench should start falling really slow after the push then speed up massively. Because its this huge metal object. Kind of like knocking over a tower or a pillar. It would be hard to push it with a large amount of force from the bottom. It should be like a nudge/push then the wrench would wobble a bit then come crashing down.


With the blocking pose of your last animation you need to rotate the hips to show how the weight of the character is being forced onto the side of the wrench.

You could spend a little more time on the post analysing good and bad rigs, focus on the different uses of good and bad rigs, and also the broken ones such as mery.


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