Chat between Me and Dan


Final Reaction

This is dominic’s reaction, It was the first animation we completed in our group.

I took over as lead animator on Dominic’s animation because I made a rough animatic of his storyboard. He it would be okay so I started working on his animation.


As the lead animator I decided to split the animation into individual files. The reason for this was so that if I import all the files I  could use toon boom version of tweening on them. But before that happens I had to give Dominic and Dan the animation files to do the in between.

I gave Dominic a couple of files to in between  he does so but, the in betweens being of model or drawn weirdly.

Once that was over I then gave the work the rest to dan to do. Dan ended up not completing because he spent most of his time either talking or drawing his hide dick fan art.(He had a inter day to do so but he just did a percentage and that was it)

So due to that I did the in betweens myself, Because I felt bad for doing Dans work I gave him some more in betweens to do. but at last he didn’t do it. So I gave up.

After that, I add all the animation together and coloured them, and that was that.

How do i fill about this short film annoyed.

Final Plea


This is Dan plea animation. From I can remember Dan wanted it to just be him and I working on the animation.  He wanted me to do the inbetweens while he does the rest, I can remember telling to include dominic to it, but he ended up say something like, I don’t want him to touch my work, my response was why, he spalted up nonsense like, I don’t like him. When dan said this I was really annoyed with him because he was already judging dominic without even working with, I told him You haven’t even giving this guy a chance and already you’re sweeping him under the roug.

So once dan gave me his plea to work on, I did my part of the job, which is inbetweening it. Once I was done with that I sent a copy to Dominic, I told him to colour it and he did. And that was that. After that Dan then coloured the background and that was it.

I can’t really remember but I think we used the underlay and overlay things.

How do i fill about this short film annoyed

Final chase

This is my chase, I found it difficult trying to come up with an idea for my chase. The reason why was because I just could not think of anything that wasn’t appropriate for this project.

First of my first Idea for the chase was a cop and robber chase but I thought that would be a bit too boring, so I scraped that.

For my second Idea I thought of a large group of women In wedding dress chasing down this one guy, (I got this Idea from a movie that I watched at age 9 but I can’t remember the name). But I found this idea too daunting to make. My reason why is because I would have animated multiple people running making it cheaply was not something I wanted to doing.

Then came my third Idea, A guy sexualy assultas a woman by smaking her bum, she gets pissed and chases him down with her purse. This was going to be my final Idea but I was worried that people would have a problem with it so just scraped it.

And then came the final idea that you have just seen. It is sort of weird but this Idea wasn’t story boarded or planned, I was sort of coming up with the idea at the spot as i worked on it. Because I was not sure what the ending would be like I just  half assed it.


I was the lead animator on this animation, Dominic was the inbetweeners and Dan would be the colour guy.

Once I was done making the key frames I gave the file to Dominic to walk on so he could do the inbetweens. Once he finished it and gave it back to me, I sure that a lot of the inbetweens weren’t that  so I ended up cleaning it up.

Once that was done I took up the position of being the background artist and I made the backgrounds. I made the background simple because I can’t make backgrounds.

Once that was done we were told that we could add a movie reference in one of our animation. So the group and I made decided to make a movie reference to the evil dead. Because I had never seen the evil dead and Dan did, we gave him the responsibility to make a storyboard. It took Dan 3 to 4 weeks to complete the storyboard.


This the storyboard that took dan that long to make  (I know, impressive). Once he finished it I animated the interior thing, The reason I didn’t give Dominic this to do was because I didn’t want to clean up or correct his mistakes.

One that was done I gave dan the animation to colour in. Dan did not fully complete it but I couldn’t be bothered to give a shit.

The format I used to make the animation didn’t have anything to do with the layer things. I basically created frame for line colour and and background. the reason why I didn’t use the layers thing was because I ended up cleaning up the wrought.

How do i fill about this short film. pissed

Model sheet

Model Sheet kevin.pngThis is a model sheet I just recently made for the chase. I used the  colours Dan used to colour in the characters. Once I was done drawing the characters I wanted to test out a colouring technique I found online, so ended up using it in this. it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to