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Concept: Nosuke 3D Head Bust

The sculpture does not exactly look like the painting and is rough around some areas. I was planning on making the body as well as the bottle but I kinda got tired after making the head. When planning this out I wanted to model the character the same way a Zbrush modeler called Danny Mac does his modeling. I used Zbrush to make this because I thought it would be easier to model him and I’m not really a big fan of Modbox. Using Zbrush was also difficult but the difficulty lied more on learning were there buttons were. This would be my first time modeling an actual face and using Zbrush so I plan to learn more. There is one thing I had difficulty doing and that the mouth, I couldn’t really model his mouth properly, it doesn’t look exactly the same as the painting.

(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 1(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 2(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 3