Concept: Nosuke 3D Head Bust

The sculpture does not exactly look like the painting and is rough around some areas. I was planning on making the body as well as the bottle but I kinda got tired after making the head. When planning this out I wanted to model the character the same way a Zbrush modeler called Danny Mac does his modeling. I used Zbrush to make this because I thought it would be easier to model him and I’m not really a big fan of Modbox. Using Zbrush was also difficult but the difficulty lied more on learning were there buttons were. This would be my first time modeling an actual face and using Zbrush so I plan to learn more. There is one thing I had difficulty doing and that the mouth, I couldn’t really model his mouth properly, it doesn’t look exactly the same as the painting.

(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 1(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 2(LN)Nosuke Sculpture 3


Nosuke (Colour testing)


I did this because Adam said a lot of the work we were doing similar things. So decided to make a 3D model of the Miyamoto character. So I thought why not experiment (its not exactly different from what I did before) with the colours and character designs. So to focus more on the character design I painted them from the chest or belly up. Plus I did this as a colour test, It was my first time doing something like this and I –might- model one of this characters desgin.

(LN)Nosuke 4

I tried making this character different from what I did before, Its has a way more boxy head and slightly bigger eyes. For the clothing I didn’t really put that much attention to it. This was really fun to make.

(LN)Nosuke 3

This one is probably going to be the one I MIGHT model. When I first made this I kind of overdid it with the colours, there were multiple colours for the dark bits which made it messy I also used dark bright colours as highlight which didn’t look good as well. So I learned from that and made this.

Boats and wheel barrios


There is nothing much really with this one. I looked up boats and ships from the 1800s in both japan and Victorian London. When making this I thought we were going to use a boat (small enough to jump on) But I was told we were may be using ships so I created ships.

(LN)Wheel Barol.png

A wheel barrio would be used in the being part of our animation. I made four barrio design. Out of all the wheel barrio, the first one was the one my teammates picked. They picked it because it was simple to animate.


Nosuke Blog

This was my first characters design for the character Nosuke. When making this I didn’t know my teammates had made the decision on how the characters shape should be. The shape of nosuke face was too rounded So this design was shut down immediately. Plus when making this I thought because the character was an x samurai he would wear Japanese clothing, but there was an issue with this as well. I had to change his clothing to a mixture of Victorian and Japanese.

(LN)Nosuke 1

Also, I was told to paint in grayscale (personal I’m not really into Grayscale) for a reason I cant remember. I use all the things I was told to do, So Grayscale, clothing, and a squarish face. When making this I tried to make both clothing and character concepts.

(LN)Nosuke 2

With this one I focused more on Nosuke’s clothing. I changed up the face because I didn’t think his face was not square enough.




Weapon Props


For this I looked up what type of weapons were used back at the 1800s in both japan and England. so I thought why not combine there must popular weapons together. (Not sure if this brand of pistol was popular but I did see similar gun to it)

(LN)Weapon 0

With this one I was just coming up with Ideas for the weapons, no of the weapons are going to get used, that because we decided  to limit the weapon to one, I think that weapon is going to be a samurai sword.

(LN)Weapon 1.png


After posting the gangster concept I was told that I could add some Japaneses influence to it. Once that was said I looked up Japaneses masks, as you can see in almost all of the mask there is a circle like thingy on the eye bit, these bits were bored form the plague mask. I did this just to change it up a bit, same goes for the paint. When making this I thought it would be worn by the gangsters.

(LN)Villain Mask 1(LN)Villain Mask 2

Gangster Concept

Miss mash of different gangster types with different clothing and all. When making this I we were not sure on the rules on how we could or could not take it, that’s why  there is a dude holding a canon.  And back then we weren’t sure how we would treat background characters or gang members. Now we know that to save on time and energy we would somehow reduce the complexity of the background characters.

(LN)Villain Characters (LN)Villain Characters 2