Swan animation

This animation was used to teach us how to use ToomBooms Drawn mode and what not.

I kind of find this useful but it took me a while to get our to it.


Dope Sheet

For our lesson, we were giving dope sheets to practise our timing before animating it.

We did this to improve our use of the timing and the dope sheets. We used the audio to get the timing right and what not.

I didn’t find this all that useful, my reason why is because of my preferences. I prefer to just figure out the timing while working on it.

Pressure and Stretch

In class, we talked about how a stick breaking is different from a robber band. While talking about, we learnt that when bending a stick it does not completely break. So we were told animate a stick or a rubber band breaking. While working on the rubber band I had to do some research on how rubber bands stretch and brake.

Drawing Managment

This my characters rigged right leg. but first, I had to draw 3 sides of the character on different layers, one I drew all of it I then delete all of it except the first frame. After rigging it, I then made a peg, I then putting the leg frame in it.

What did I get out from this? I found this really annoying and confusing to make, I thought It was to complicate for its own right, when working on this I could think of was, man this would be so easy on flash.