I created a Fiverr account during 2017, this was after Luke told me about how he got paid work from it.

With that at I made a fiverr gig, in it I would drawing you in a semi realistic style.

Ever since I made that I haven’t got any request yet. I think I might have to change my Fiverr gig to something more unique that would catch peoples eyes


Sega concept artist trainee

Capture.PNGI applied for  the Sega concept art trainee for there new AAA gaming IP, there studios are in Horsham, England which is pretty far here. For there requirements I think have the skills they listed. I know I may not get this Job but I think I have a better chance of getting this compared to the 3d animator trainee job thingy



Nickelodeon Internship


Just Applied for the Nickelodeon Internship, it took a while to get there but here’s prof

I applied for Nickelodeon General Internship which focuses on Live action and animation, and the internship is in Burbank California. They did have another did have another opposition that concentrates on CGI etc., but before I go applying for that I want to test this one out first

When applying for this, there were some issues I had before sending the application, One of those issues being my school transcripts. Because in the UK we don’t use transcripts I had to send them my certificates, but there came the problem. Adding all my certificates into one folder ended up being way too large for it to send off. So with this, I tried to see if Lawrence could put all my grades in the American transcripts format, later on, Lawrence help me decrease the file size to something easier to send and with that I sent it.

Sega Trainee Animator

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 09.19.52


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 09.19.28

I applied for  the Sega Animator trainee for there new AAA gaming IP, there studios are in Horsham, England which is pretty far here., I had to revamp my 3d showreel /demo reel which was basically finding what I thought was my best 3D animation from both year one and two. I was planning on making some new 3D animation for it but I couldn’t complete the animations I started. I managed to add one of them to my 3d showreel /demo reel.

As I was applying for the Trainee job they asked for my website, I used my Artstation for that role, because I had only 2D painting/ sketch and my 2d demo reel, which they weren’t looking for, they wanted a portfolio of my 3D work.

CV updates

CV concept artistCV Animator

I showed Laurence the previous CV I made; He told me to change some things like the profession of my reference and the grading of my Education. Laurence also told me to add the level of confidence in the skills I have.

I used the colours of my card to make this. I hope it looks creative


I used flash to make my creative CV, I found it really tricky using Photoshop to make it. And that was due to not being able to fit the word in properly without making it look cluttered. While with Flash I found it easy to change things without losing quality due to it being a vector software.