When the time came to plan my idea I started off by doing a script the script was 4 pages long and it had a lot of action scenes in it, because this was my first script there were a lot of mistakes in it and what not that is why I had a hard time doing a storyboard of it one aspect that I found difficult about it was the camera angles I add to the script, Because this was a fight I wanted to make I as complex and actonnie as possible but when it came to drawing it I found It really hard to because I could not draw what I had in my head, so yeah making the storyboard was a bit for straightening in that aspect and thing that was for straightening was drawing down the things that I wrote in the script because of the amount of stuff in the script I had to draw every single movement, so I found that annoying to do. And due to that I had a large story board that took up 4 pages of my sketchbook and that was because I drew it in thumbnail, if I drew it any bigger I know it would fill up a large amount of my sketchbook page.

After that that was done I then went back to the story board and edited the beginning, my reason why was because it was an establishing shot of a park and it just didn’t look good and that I sucked at drawing a park filled with stuff, So I changed it to make it simpler for myself. Looking back I think that was the entirety of my visual storytelling re-doing my story and idea again and again and again. Anyway back to this, so once that was done I made a rough animation on the begging of my storyboard, I really liked the way it came out and I thought I would be using this on my animation but that never happened because I had to concentrate on my other works like contextual studies and  the group project. But later I found that the time to complete the project was shortening down.

So in my first try, at trying to shorten it down, I found it difficult to because I didn’t want to change the story so I found it quit hard to do that. I found a way of shorting it down by a bit and the way I did it was by taking the key moment in the storyboard and just using those, with that I was able to make a quick and shortened story of my story board. Plus I used flash CC to make the storyboard and because of that I used that software it was kind of easy using what was in my storyboard  and tween it to make movement. Make this took quit a long time to make because I was a slow animator, and I got distracted quite a bit.

So I had to shorten it down, I did that and I was successful at doing that by make another storyboard, make animatic based on that storyboard, plus this was my first time in a way making a proper animatic, it took a couple of days to do but that was a giving and that was where I reached up to with that one. When look at the animatic I found out that it took up 50 something second which was a bit too long from me at the time, so I decided to make another which would be simpler and shorter, Thank full I find the storyboard of it using MediBang, a software just like Photoshop. Once I was done with that I then started working on the animatic. I used flash to making it by adding images of the script. With that I made an animatic and with it I used it to get my timing down.

As I was making the rough animation which was around the ester brake which gave me two weeks off, of school I wanted to use those two weeks of too finishes of my rough animation, my plans could didn’t go throw like that because I had contextual studies. So during this two weeks I had to do a write up for my contextual studies. So every day I had to do my write up every morning writing up five hundred words every morning and then doing my rough animation. As this was going on for a week, up on till I kind of finished it on a Monday. And once the contextual study essay was done I then had time to work on my animation. When making the rough animation I wanted to just draw the key poses so I could quickly go and clean up the lines and properly animate it at the last stage. I ended up changing this because I didn’t want to give myself any more work at the end of completing the animation. So one I had finished part of the rough animation and had summited my contextual studies, I then thought I I had a week to complete the rough animation, but I was told that I had two days left instead of a of a week, So because of that I panicked a bit but I was sort of confident that I would complete the animation. So on the seconded day to the dead line I told myself that I would complete my animation and I did, but I finished the rough animation and posted it to my blog. Because I didn’t complete it in time, I could not make the background for the animation which I wanted to paint, my reason why was because I started getting interested mixing in colours, and what not.

And I did really have the chance to figure out what exactly there colours were, for example the clothes and the aliens colour skim. Once all of this was done the next thing I needed to do was to find all the work that I didn’t upload. This was because of how messy my hard drive was, I found it hard trying to find the files, because number one they either had the same name as other files or were the same files but an uncomplete version of it. Once I gave up finding the files, the next day I left for school but because of how stupid I was I end up leaving my visual story telling sketch book at home, the reason why I did this was because of how heavy caring those books were so I left it at home totally forgetting that the dead line was today, Once I found out I was already in school, and I would take and hour just to go to grays and back. It was at this time I told myself, I am F@~#?. I started panicking and I thought I was going to fail this course if I didn’t do anything. So I thought to myself why not call my brother, I was not sure if he was at home or not, so when I found out he was at home I was supper happy. I told him to send me picture of my sketch book and he did. This was annoying, this was really annoying.


Another animatic

This is sort of based on my original Idea but with little changes, I didn’t really have chance of finishing it, that was because of other  works I had to do. But when I had a chance to complete it, the time to do that had shortened.